Visual and Intuitive Project Management Platform

A solution to simplify communication and collaboration with your team

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Manage your team members’ tasks.

Have a grasp of the projects’ progress in one look - easier to analyze using a clear, visual and intuitive dashboards.

A platform that adapts to your needs.

Work in a way that suits your needs. is a dynamic platform that lets you shape any project and any workflow with ease.

Stay informed
Customed workflows
Analyze progress

Collaborate in one shared workspace.

Have a centralized work hub that lets you collaborate and communicate with your team — whenever, wherever.

Gain a 360 view of where things stand.

Display data that is easy to digest and understand. See the bigger picture at a glance, spot bottlenecks within departments, and make decisions based on data, not on guesses.

Automate routine work.

Make your routine processes smarter. Make use of powerful automations to eliminate mundane tasks and enable your team to focus on things that matter.

Integrate with the tools you already use.

Bring all your data into one central hub. Integrate your apps with and streamline workflows in just a few clicks.

Project management tool for the whole company

with ready-made templates available to use for basic projects up to complex project portfolio