Gregory Jingco
Effective management tips in the construction industry during the Pandemic
2021 is the second year where the Philippines has been utilizing community lockdowns and quarantines as the country continues to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic, which is forcing […]
Sherlyn Angelica Ty
Things to consider when choosing the best management platform
When we say tasks, it’s never ending. Some of it are repetitive, while others are opportunities for development. But how do you manage […]
Sherlyn Angelica Ty
Best practices in managing remote teams
Despite the cataclysmic event brought by the pandemic, many companies still managed to eke profits regardless of the intense […]
Sherlyn Angelica Ty reaches Philippine market
In December of 2019, in partnership with i4 Asia Inc., has finally been brought to the Philippine market just in time before the pandemic hit. […]
Jacklyn Canalita
The Hows of Working From Home
Companies not just here in the Philippines but all around the world have implemented mandatory work from home amid the COVID-19 crisis to limit the […]
Alec Quejada
Keeping the Business Running amid Crisis
Today, we are fighting a war with an enemy we cannot see. COVID-19 (the enemy) has impacted the daily lives of people around the world […]
Gregory John D. Jingco
Almost a year ago, the unfortunate shift from working from offices to a Work from Home (WFH) setup made a drastic shift in workplace culture. It has affected the daily routines of both […]