reaches Philippine market

In December of 2019, in partnership with i4 Asia Inc., has finally been brought to the Philippine market just in time before the pandemic hit. Allowing us to continue with our goals in a more productive way and providing us an easier way to collaborate with our team members despite working remotely in adaptation to the new normal.

Trusted by over 100,000 teams worldwide, is used by many of the well-known brands including Uber, Abbott, Universal Pictures, Unilever, Adobe and many more as their platform of choice for project management, marketing, CRM and sales, product development, HR processes and other solutions that is very time-saver and efficient especially for remote work that as of today, a very timely working scheme implemented all around the globe.

As a certified partner of, i4 Asia is here to offer this great work management system in the Philippines to help local businesses improve their ways of working. A platform where you can curate tables and dashboards according to your workflow whatever department you belong to. To give you a brief overview, here are some of the templates used by industry leaders:



Human Resource



What a better way to improve your daily management than utilizing an effective management platform. This way, visibility on every department's progress is easier with ready-to-use templates fit for any department of your company; made based on actual templates used by real companies who are using

While we use different platforms for different sets of use, there is no need to get rid of it - also has integration features where you can connect your existing platforms all in one place! For emails, may it be Google workspace, yahoo, Microsoft suite or any, your email and its interconnected tools can be integrated into Manage your emails and many of your existing tools into one space.

As we continue to rise from the sudden setback from 2020’s rapid events, has been of great help to businesses of all sizes in keeping their rhythm regardless of the challenges we face. With its automation features, multiple task views, integrations and hundreds of templates available, surely will boost your team’s productivity.

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